Bullet Resistant Glass

As expert and knowledgeable glaziers and window fitters of Bullet Resistant Glass. CWBS can draw on its wealth of experience to supply and fit highly specialised windows.

At first glance, bullet-resistant glass looks identical to an ordinary pane of glass. However, ordinary glass shatters when struck by a single bullet. In general, this glass is designed to withstand several rounds of bullets. Ultimately depending on the thickness of the glass and the weapon being fired at it.

In effect, this type of toughened glass is also highly effective in withstanding repeated physical blows. Therefore is useful when security is important or when it is vital that glass won’t shatter. Different manufacturers make different variations of glass, however, all bullet-proof glass is made the same. Usually, this is done by layering a polycarbonate material between pieces of ordinary glass in a lamination process. Eventually, this creates a glass-like material that is thicker than normal glass. If you have any enquiries regarding this product, then please contact us.  We will get back you with a no-obligation reply giving reliable and informed advice and the benefit of this product. View our full range or glazing solutions here. Alternatively, to visit our commercial building sister company click here.

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