Commercial UPVC Windows

Commercial UPVC windows are cheap and quick to install. It is the ideal material for a low cost, yet high-quality, windows solution.

Modern design and construction methods make for superb insulation and noise reduction, and recent developments in security mean new installations will be extremely resistant to crime. CWBS can also provide a huge range of designs to suit the appearance of your house or place of business. Choose from decorative lead designs, coloured glass or bevelled glazing. Combined with a wide variety of configurations, openings and handles the permutations are endless so we can ensure that you obtain the windows of your choice.

Don’t want white? Gone are the days when uPVC windows looked like white plastic. Modern uPVC window frames can be supplied by CWBS in a wood grain or rosewood finish and a range of colours that are new to the replacement windows market. See more of our window solutions here.

Cost-effective windows | Suits any budget | Quick to install | Excellent insulation | Superb noise reduction | Defence from burglary | Tough construction | Wide range of glass | Limitless configuration | Variety of frame colours


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