Pilkington Profilit & Profiled Windows

Pilkington Profilit is a profiled U-shaped, slowly cooled annealed glass and reinforced with wire. This type of profiled glass allows light to enter buildings whilst giving an translucent external appearance. This is a highly versatile product which has a range of applications.

Profiled window systems are constructed with a seies of self-supporting cast channels and creates a glass wall that enhances privacy from the outside but allows light to pass through. Profiled windows can be installed in the interior or on the exterior of buildings either vertically or horizontally. Pilkington Profilit glass is our supplier of choice for profiled glass.

The cast channels are manufactured in single lengths and depending on windload, they can span in single or double configuration between supports. Please consult with Commercial Windows and Business Solutions experts for details on spans and safety requirements for your particular application. View all of our glazing solutions here.

Tough and durable construction features | Perfect for privacy | Can be installed vertically or horizontally | A range of colours | Interior or exterior applications | Transluscent from the outside but lets through natural light | Contact us for advice


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