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Primarily, we have expert knowledge of the industry we can provide excellent quality fire glass products. Secondly, we still maintain competitive pricing and efficient service.

Fire-rated, or fire resistant, glass is used to contain flames in a building and gas in the event of a leak. It offers various levels of protection, measured in terms of integrity. Ultimately, the time the glass remains intact in a fire and stability or insulation, the time the glass will limit the temperature rise on the non fire side. Fire-rated glass provides protection for up to two hours.

Firstly, it can be supplied in various thicknesses providing varying degrees of integrity and insulation. There are many specifications of fire resistant glass available. Similarly, this glass can be made into double gazed units or incorporated into doors. With many variables to consider, if you have any enquiries regarding this product then contact us. As a result, we will get back you with a no-obligation reply. Giving reliable and informed advice and the benefit of our years of experience in the installation of fire glazing. Market leaders for fire glass include Pilkington. See all of our glazing solutions here.

Fire rated and impact safety rated glazing is designed to block radiant heat. Therefore, protecting people and valuables on the non-fire side of the glass where radiant heat transfer might be a concern. It is listed for use in doors, sidelites, transoms, borrowed lites and wall applications.

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