Replacing misted double glazed units

Replacing misted double glazed units as the North West’s premier glazier and window fitter. We can provide a quick, simple and cost-effective service to replace misted up windows.

If a window is misted up it usually means that the double glazed sealed unit has broken down or ‘popped’ or ‘blown’. This means that the perimeter edge seal has lost its integrity and that it is letting in moisture somewhere. The moisture itself is hard to spot at first. Sometimes becoming only visible as the sun or another heat source draws the moisture up.

Unfortunately, if there is moisture in your double-glazing it also means that the unit has lost, or has reduced, its thermal qualities. Fortunately, your entire window may not need replacing. Double-glazing units can often be made to order and only necessitates the replacement of the glass which can be quickly fitted into your existing frames. Call us today if you have a problem with misted or fogged up windows and we can guarantee an efficient and cheap solution with no jargon or heavy-handed sales techniques. See our full range of glazing solutions here.

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